What is a Blog and Why Do You Need One?

The term blog is short term for the word weblog, and these two terms are interchangeable. Basically, a blog is like a public journal that you share with others in order to either teach something, promote something or just because you want to make your voice heard. It is like your own little world of knowledge that you share with others and hopefully develop a fan base of people who are interested in what you have to say. A big part of what makes a blog is constant updates, people will be more likely to return to your blog site if you are constantly updating it.

How a Hobby has Become a Business

Because it is so simple to set up a blog, it has become something that anyone can do without having an extensive knowledge of computer software. It is an outlet to share thoughts and advice and even generate income. With the ability to reach hundreds and even thousands of people a day, it is inevitable that a blogger will find people who relate on some level to the blog content.

To have a successful blog, you must find a niche that you are knowledgeable and well versed in. If you can teach people something, they will often pay you for your knowledge. Of course this is after you have proven yourself through your content and have a track record of informative and interesting blogs. One way to turn your blog into a business is to use the content you would typically post for free and turn it into an ebook that you can then offer for sale on your blog site. This may sound confusing but there are plenty of resources that can teach you how to easily accomplish this.

Another reason that blogging has turned from a hobby is advertising. Companies will pay you for the ability to advertise on your blog site if it is interesting enough. You can earn money on a per-click basis when people click on the ads that are on your site. You can also use your blog site to participate in affiliate advertising, which is a form of advertising where you partner up with a certain business or website, such as amazon.com, and post reviews of products that you are interested in followed by a link to the product. This gives consumers the feeling of having a reliable source that has reviewed the product and aids in their decision to buy it or not. This helps both you and the company you are providing advertising for more exposure as well as more credibility. Also, as this website points out, having a blog is an essential part of your business’ online presence.

Don’t think that just because you create a blog it is mandatory to turn it into a business. You may just want a place to express yourself and gain feedback from others, sort of like your own little personal social network. The fact that you can generate income is just an added bonus. Now that you know what a blog is and what purpose it serves, you are officially welcomed into the blogosphere. Use your talents and knowledge however you see fit. There are always things that you can learn from other people and things that you can teach them. Blogs are a wonderful way of connecting with like minded individuals, and when you have your own blogging site, you get to set the rules. Always remember, work smarter, not harder and that creating a blog may be your way of entering the world of people just like you who want to hear what you have to say.


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