In a practical sense artificial intelligence is on the verge of changing the world. This technology has created quite a furor all across the world. Some experts believe that artificial intelligence poses immense threat to mankind. While on the other hand, other experts believe that this artificial intelligence will act as tools that can be used by mankind to improve the prevailing condition all around them. New milestones are being reached in regard to the research of artificial intelligence which includes the ability of computers to identify objects in the pictures, gauge the natural language and then plan and predict. The technology is advancing at a rapid speed. Driverless cars are already a reality.

Extensive Learning: There will be a huge improvement in the performance of artificial intelligence as they will be combined with the considerable resources of computation of the ever developing super computers. Deep learning is being regarded as the top area of focus regarding its development.

Internet of Things: More and more devices are being connected to artificial intelligence and this in turning giving you smarter homes, smart cars and smart everything that is possible. Researchers are of the view that the technology is developing in such a way that no object will be just an object. It will be connected to something or other wirelessly.

Emotional Understanding: The most significant and stunning breakthrough of artificial intelligence is that it will now expected to detect human emotions. This will lead to a seamless interaction between the computer and the human being. Having those accurate cameras along with the voice and facial recognition, computers are now becoming more competent in detecting the human emotions. Researchers are studying about this further to find out if this can be used for education, to predict a medical diagnosis very accurately, to improve the customers service for shopping online and also to treat depression.

The Ethical Questions: This is an integral part of the research. When you see a driverless car, a question might pop up in your mind as to what will the car do when it finds an animal in front of it? Can there be codes for measuring and comparing the value of the lives of the human and the cat? Yes, scientists are now writing codes on that to make the artificial intelligence make ethical decisions on their own.

Artificial Intelligence in the Shopping and in Customer Service: When it comes to the shopping and customer services many businesses have started using the artificial intelligence to find out what is making their customers happy and unhappy. They are also using the artificial intelligence to detect which item is right for their customer. This is changing business in a significant way. This is a sophisticated decision making process that you can plug-in to do anything in your business that involves the process of explaining, presentation of data and answering all types of questions.

There is no doubt that this technology is making lives easier by doing all sorts of things that are difficult to conceive. What is your viewpoint on these rapid and innovative advancements?




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