At the strike of midnight on the first day of a brand new year, about half of all Americans make a resolution, making a commitment to their health, their finances, or even finding love. However, by the end of the new year, less than 10% of the resolution makers failed to follow through and many people abandon their resolutions just shortly after the new year. While many psychologists suggest being realistic about your goals, be a little patient, and be kind to yourself, they also suggest tracking your progress.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, these apps can help you stay on track with keeping your resolution all year long:

Tracking Apps: Food, Weight Loss, and Exercise


A popular (and successful app) is MyFitnessPal. This free app helps you stay on track with all of your fitness needs. Want to lose some weight? MyFitnessPal will help you pick a healthy goal based on the calories you consume, the types of food you eat, and your daily level of activity. Users can connect to a community of other users, but can also go it alone if they are too shy. MyFitnessPal tracks steps, allows users to create and track their own recipes, as well as easily scan a UPC code for nutritional information.


Eating Healthy Apps: Cook More Often


If your resolution is to eat more healthy or to eat out less, the HealthyRecipes app from Sparkpeople is a good starting point. With over 500,000 healthy recipes to chose from, you have a chance to test out as many as you like. Get important information like calorie count or special dietary needs like gluten free or vegetarian. Don’t know how to cook or don’t feel confident? No problem, watch videos of chefs doing what they do best.


Quit Smoking for Good Apps


Quitting smoking is difficult and it’s a resolution that millions of Americans make each year; some succeed, some don’t. Apps like Smoke Free and QuitGuide can help you quit cigarettes for good. With Smoke Free, users can see how their health progresses with each passing day without tobacco use and soon-to-be former smokers can see how much they save by not smoking. QuitGuide helps users track cravings, moods, monitor progress, and identify triggers. There is also an option for journaling and getting tips and distractions on how to deal with nagging withdrawals.


Managing Debt Apps

It’s never too late to start managing your debt a little better and many individuals mark the new year as a fresh start with more financial process. The Debt Payoff Planner app can help you keep track of your debt, tell you how much is left and how many days until the debt is paid off. While it’s always a good idea of keeping files of loans and bills, the app can give you an everyday look at your financial progress and success.


Less Time on Your Phone

Smartphones make for amazing tools and have a lot of great uses, but face it, we waste a lot of time on our phones. If your resolution is to spend more time being in the “present” and less time on your phone, the Moment app may be just for you. Moment app tracks how much you use your iPhone or iPad automatically, you can set a time limit and the app will force you off when your time limit is up. Unlike a nagging person telling you to get off your iPhone, the app gives you gentle reminders.


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