Millennials do not like to be separated from their mobile devices for a second, and find it hard to

imagine a world without them, though they successfully navigated such a world in a period of their life

they have actual memories from. The day often starts with a phone alarm waking them up, and ends

with setting the alarm clock for the next day, or starting some sort of sleep metrics app. Also known as

the Generation Y, this diverse group is the first one that grew up with the Internet. Hence, incorporating

technology into their daily lives is a seamless experience for them.


Wireless and Tireless

Millennials are tech-savvy, and for the most part, already employed – so they possess tremendous

buying power, and want the latest piece of tech cake. Big and small companies alike are keeping their

eyes fixated upon them, trying to guess what the next big obsession will be before the mainstream pics

up on it. There is a lot of money to be made on a generation that has grown up on commercials and a

call-to-order lifestyle. The result of this is a surge of the applications market. Some apps seem to have

captured the millennial mindset, but unlocking their budget does not come easy. Marketers invest a

great deal of effort to figure out this generation, but are their needs really satisfied?


Gadgets enable millennials to stay connected and digitalize aspects of their life. Whether it is celebrity

gossip or breaking news, they want it in short form, immediately. The internet is an immense source of

information, and millennials sure know how to navigate it. They are usually well-informed and less

prone to marketing tricks and manipulations, expecting nothing less than a hiccup-free, slick user

experience. The internet generation wants more money for the buck, and to make a difference with

their personal spending decisions.













The digital landscape teems with visual content, as everyone tries to come up with images that stand

out. Many millennials use Snapchat to stay in touch with friends and send them photos, although

Instagram is still (barely) maintaining their spot as the #1 image-oriented platform. Snapchat lets users

capture their creative expression in daily tasks, and share it with a staggering amount of people. That

way, it is possible to brand yourself through visuals, something that brings personal and professional



It seems that millennials are both self-centered and community-oriented, which is a great lecture

businessmen have learned. Another crucial thing to note is that the fast-paced lifestyle often robs them

of everyday pleasures and comforts, so they make it a priority to compensate – often over-compensate.

But, that is when cutting-edge technology steps is and transcends the limitations of time and space.

Uber, for example, allows users to call a car and pay for it online, which comes in handy more often than

we would like. Authenticity is what floats every millennial’s boat, but applications that solve real-life

problems always find their audience.


The Venmo application is in the roll as it gives an instant access to credit card accounts when you do not

want to cope with a pile of recipes and money on the table. Millennials can pay each other back for

meals and drinks and get it over with. Today it is also possible to pay rent through an app, and gain

benefits for it, which saves precious time and energy. Solving inconveniences with a touch of a button

makes us feel empowered because we use technology to manipulate the world around us.



Millennials use technology as an extension of their own abilities and capacities. This consumer

experience suits their on-demand lifestyle, and they are prepared to pay a little extra for that privilege.


A needle in a haystack

It is easy to complain about moral decay and loss of human touch like some time-worn philosopher. It

might be that millennials have their eyes glued to a smartphone, but their minds are set on the future.

They are in tune with modern technology that has made its home in every aspect of our daily lives, and

they are fine with it. There is an application for nearly every whim and need, but finding it in the

overwhelming online ocean is another story. A millennial is always only a few clicks away from their

goal, but with a myriad of unworthy apps and ads clouding the vision.

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