Usually, when you read about multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, audiences tend to grab their wallets and run for the nearest exit. However, a startup company is being greeted with open (albeit qualified) arms by bloggers. BlogRush, the recently launched service by online marketing expert John Reese is being touted as a great way for bloggers to attract more traffic. Is it? Depends, is the answer.

The free service works this way: you place a free widget on your blog that displays headlines from similar blogs. So, if you are a dog groomer, you can list the headlines from other dog-grooming sites. Every time someone views your page, you get a credit that can be used to display your site’s headlines elsewhere. Also, it has multi-level advantages, so that someone who views a BlogRush widget on your site signs up for the service, you gain even more credits.

However, the key here is pageviews. If you have 10,000 pageviews per days, the offer is wonderful. Then again, if you are getting 10,000 pageviews, you don’t need help attracting viewers. For small blogs, it doesn’t pay off so well.

What are the blogs saying about BlogRush?

You are going to have to test and track to see if the amount of traffic you receive is enough to justify the space the widget takes up. Initially you will benefit from viral referrals, but long-term you might be better using the space to generate revenue, and then investing that revenue in other traffic. – Andy Beard, Niche Marketing.

…The BlogRush idea does hark back to “Web 1.0? traffic exchanges. In these systems, you would earn exposure for your site by browsing other sites. However, these services eventually flamed out when they failed to deliver on their promises. Our take: don’t get your hopes up, because this one may not last forever. – Mashable.

What is BlogRush doing with massive amounts of data now being gathered about every blog that has it? Will they sell this data? Is BlogRush the tip of a wedge of other services through – Better Blogging With Michael Martine.

One key to how well this will work will be how relevant they can make links to content. In a similar way to AdSense increasing CTR when the ads relate strongly to the content – we’ll see the same thing come into play here. – Darren Rowse, Pro Blogger.

What do you think? Have you tried BlogRush?


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