B5 Media, the Canadian blogging company, is now searching for a content director as it hopes to remake itself as a larger media power. The news comes just days after losing Aaron Brazell, the company’s founding chief technology officer.

Joey deVilla, the company’s self-described “Nerd Wrangler,” announced the job search. (when are these firms going to grow up and use adult titles, like personnel director? I guess it is too much to ask for businesses led by twenty-somethings.)

“We’ve done pretty well so far, growing b5 from a collection of 5 blogs (that’s where the “b5? comes from) into a network of over 300 blogs with a total of 10 million unique pageviews a month. Our goal is to take this growth to the next level, which means going beyond our current audience, the type of people who generally read blogs, to the mainstream.”

Unclear is whether Content Director replaces Christina Jones, who is b5’s current Content Manager.

Post originally written by Ed Sutherland

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