There is nothing evergreen about fun social media content in the summer– except for those times you scroll longingly at them, forgetting what 80 degrees feels like and longing for the scent of BBQ. Summer and social media can be your best friend or worst enemy— depending on how you wield them. As this summer blazes on, don’t forget how to make sure your Instagram game stays sharp, on point and positive.

Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

It’s the heat of the summer, and although many men and women who are proud of their physique (as they should be! Work it!), but taking “sexy summer shots” too far can end up having a negative effect on your friends and followers. Mark Sharp, a clinical psychologist for the Aiki Relationship Institute notes that oftentimes, too many sexy photos can trigger potentially unwanted interest from people who have no reason ogling you. Instead of a sultry swimsuit pose every time you’re at the beach, friends and followers would be much more interested in seeing swimsuit shots peppered into insightful, fun and spontaneous pictures that don’t always scream “look at me!.”

Stay Focused and Exposed– Reacquaint Yourself With Light

Famed photographer Dan Rubin, a photographer who has more than 70 thousand Instagram followers and works as Editor-at-Large for The Photographic Journal, produces magnificent videos that can help the intermediate Instagrammer turn their pictures from good to stunning with a few smartphone tricks.

In order to leverage every magnificent summer golden hour to its fullest, Rubin reminds us that there are many features on most smartphones that can help give Instagram photos a professional polish– whether you’re catching a wave or watching the grass grow, some light light (pun intended) adjustments can polish your presence with a new air of professionalism.

  • Exposure and focus: never simply point and shoot. Tap your finger around the screen and play with the focus and exposure, or the amount of light let in, with each potentially Instagramable shot.
  • Remember HDR: If an image is backlit, your HDR setting is a quick fix for a major image upgrade
  • Burst Out: Using burst mode is perfect for busy farmers markets, bustling beaches and lush landscapes, you can pick the best frames and vibrantly patch them together.
  • Edits Ahoy: Rubin recommends using Snapseed and VSCO apps to edit your Instagram images to perfection, and the app Squareready to post images that don’t fit Instagrams default square setting.

Don’t be a Daredevil or Distracted

Although our society has largely moved past cheesy PSAs, that doesn’t mean some “rules of the road” should apply to smartphone usage. With all the beautiful benefits of social media sharing, there are still too many brushed-aside safety precautions that can result in catastrophe. For example, according to the GHSA, up to 25 percent of traffic accidents could be the result of distracted drivers on social media.

In the summertime, no matter how strong the allure of sharing that perfect beach cruise around the lake is— think about the catastrophic consequences of jay-biking in front of an SUV. Expert attorneys Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard recommend that all if you’re going to enjoy summertime behind the wheel (any type of wheel), that you do the legwork and make sure you understand the risk factors and potential insurance nightmares that can result from distracted driving via social media.

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