Guest Posting Guidelines

Pro Blogging News is now accepting blog posts from other bloggers. If you are interested and can follow our guidelines below, please fill out the guest blog submission form below with your content idea. If you have a content idea that is outside of our requirements, feel free to contact us so we can discuss it.

Content Requirements

Please do not advertise for your own site in the blog post. You may include links in your post, but make sure the links add value to the article. If we feel that there are too many links in the post, we reserve the right to reduce the number to an acceptable level.

General Guidelines

Your content must be unique. It cannot be posted anywhere else on the Internet. Once it is posted on our site, you cannot post it elsewhere. You should also link to your Google+ profile in the format of <a href=””author”>Google+</a>. We suggest that you read this excellent blogging article about how to be a good guest poster. It should give you a good idea of what we are looking for in our guest posters.

There is no need to include an image unless it would enhance the presentation of your post. If you will be discussing data, it would be ideal for it to be presented in a graphic form. Also, feel free to include a picture of yourself, although that picture should be covered by your Google+ account link.


We reserve the right to edit your article for grammatical and factual errors. If we do make any changes, we will send it back to you for approval before we publish the article. After it is published, we will send the link to you. We encourage you to add the link to your website to let people know you have published a new article.

Again,  If you are interested, submit your guest post using the form below.

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