Spring is a time for renewal, airing out the house after a long winter, planning your summer garden, and cleaning out the closets (or other dark corners of your house accumulating dust). In the past, you got through all of your spring chores on scraps of notebook paper, but now, in the age of apps, save a tree and use your smart phone.


The beauty of apps is their versatility. In general, they’re affordable, some are fun while other apps can be lifesaving, and there are a large selection to help people stay organized in a busy world. As the temperatures get warmer and the daylight hours get longer, go ahead and check out these apps to get the most out of Spring:

Apps For the Green Thumb


For gardening enthusiasts, spring can’t come soon enough. Planning a garden can be as complicated as you make it. While some gardeners just go with the flow, others are methodical and must have it all planned out before they start turning over the soil. If you need help planning your garden or just want to make sure you’re on the right track, check out the Garden Plan Pro app. It costs less than $10, but it will help you create the perfect garden space, big or small.


Having a hard time determining what’s a weed and what’s a plant, try out the GardenAnswers Plant Identifier app. This gardening app will help you identify over 20,000 plants and gives you detailed information. All you need to do is take a picture, tap submit, and you should be connected to accurate information. This app may be particularly helpful if you need to know whether or not a plant is hazardous to young children or pets.

Apps to Keep an Eye on Weather 


When you’re stuck indoors all winter long, you may care less about the weather forecast, but when you are planning a garden, going on a picnic, or hiking with friends or family, you may want the weather available at your fingertips. Even if you check the weather forecast at the beginning of the day, spring weather can change unexpectedly. The AccuWeather-Weather for Life app will give you a minute-by-minute forecast and help you plan the rest of your day while you’re enjoying the spring weather.

Spring Cleaning Apps


When spring rolls in, some people do some light cleaning while others go all out and make small repairs to the home and some deep cleaning. The BrightNest app will help you clean and maintain your home without needing to hire “handyman” or buying caustic cleaning chemicals. Wanna get rid of stains in the toilet? BrightNest recommends Coca-Cola.


Another helpful app to organize your spring cleaning and getting others in the house to help you out is the Chorma app. Why should you be stuck doing all the spring cleaning when others can give you a helping hand? With Chorma, you can designate certain tasks and when the chore has been completed the list becomes automatically updated.


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