Is Virtual Reality Part of Our Future?

You’ve probably seen all the advertisements for virtual reality (VR) headsets and although they look like a lot of fun, many people wonder how practical they are and whether or not they are worth the financial investment. Others are a bit skeptical and waiting for the fad to die down and see if they are…

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Make Time to Play!

The electronic world has some bad and good news lately. From the security flaw that turned up in Schneider Electric’s Unity Pro industrial IoT controller – with a potential half-million devices corrupted by Mirai IoT malware – to the news that technology R&D firm Gartner expects sales and shipments of electronic devices to decline 3…

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Pokémon GOes Public

“It (Pokémon GO) is truly everywhere!” said one online social media poster. And it is. In fact, Apple (makers of the iOS operating system on which the game runs) said Pokémon GO is the most frequently downloaded app in history in its first week. GO also runs on Android. The reason, says one analyst, is…

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Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have been arrested for possession of drugs, are being investigated for white collar crimes like embezzlement or received a DUI charge, it is critical that you find the right criminal defense lawyer. You are in a stressful, frightening situation that may affect your future. With these charges, will you face time behind bars?…

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Back to School Apps

After a summer of fun, it’s time to switch gears and get back into a school frame of mind. With the kids heading back to school, comes the return of early morning carpooling, after school activities, and curbing your child’s screen time to something more educational rather than the hours of movies and video games…

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How to Make Your Instagram Shine This Summer

Who doesn’t love having stunning photos to look at? And when those photos are all your own, it’s that much better. If you’ve got a smartphone, Instagram is the perfect way to display a gallery of everything you’re up to in your spare time. Beautiful weather brings with it tropical vacations, road trips with friends…

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Motivational Apps: A Growing Trend

If you’ve ever tuned in to radio stations like NPR or Delilah, you’ve probably heard the soothing music, and inspirational messages and stories that encourage and motivate. A positive message adds a touch of life to your situation. Skype has shown us the value of virtual conversation when we’re far from loved ones, friends, and…

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Spring is Here: Try These Apps This Season

Spring is a time for renewal, airing out the house after a long winter, planning your summer garden, and cleaning out the closets (or other dark corners of your house accumulating dust). In the past, you got through all of your spring chores on scraps of notebook paper, but now, in the age of apps,…

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone

In 2016, many people still stick with their old flip phones, or even landlines. If you are one of these people, or if you have a family member who is one of these people, read on. There are many good reasons to upgrade and get your first smartphone.   There’s nothing particularly wrong about doing…

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