Who doesn’t love having stunning photos to look at? And when those photos are all your own, it’s that much better. If you’ve got a smartphone, Instagram is the perfect way to display a gallery of everything you’re up to in your spare time. Beautiful weather brings with it tropical vacations, road trips with friends and family get-togethers. How can you create the perfect digital scrapbook to remember all of your awesome experiences? Whether you’re hoping to become “Instagram famous” for your stunning feed or you just want perfectly edited photos for your own pleasure, here some really great ways to make your Instagram shine this summer!

  1. Use a Real Camera

If you’re truly looking for the best quality possible, a real camera is the way to get it. If you’re aiming to get serious about your Instagram photography, try using a digital camera to take your photos and then upload them to your phone. This is useful especially if you’re taking nature shots. If you’re snapping photos quickly on the go, you might stick to your phone for these.

  1. Plan It Out

Follow Instagrams of other people who inspire you. Did you find an awesome feed randomly? Follow it! Follow as many random Instagrams as you’d like, pull inspiration from all of them, and ultimately you’ll create a unique look and feel to your photos and gallery as a whole. Plan your approach and your gallery will be consistently gorgeous and unique in its own right.

  1. Experiment with Light

Take advantage of the golden hour! Photos on a smartphone simply come out better when they have the sufficient amount of light. During the golden hour, beams of light will glisten across your lens, creating magic in a whole new way. This golden glow will give your photos the most perfect natural filter you can imagine. Notice how tapping certain parts of your phone screen in camera mode will focus the photo in a different area. The light will change based on how dark or light your point of focus is. Play around with this and see what works best for your photo.

  1. Try Different Editing Apps

Many Instagram photographers will avoid editing within the Instagram app itself altogether, but they may use third party apps to edit their photos. Especially if you’re using your phone camera can this be beneficial. Within VSCO Cam for instance – a favorite among many – you can edit everything from sharpness, cropping and temperature to saturation, white balance and exposure. It also has great presets that you can play around with as well. Afterlight is another useful editing app, as well as Snapseed.

  1. Hold Your Phone Horizontally

If you do plan to use a smartphone to take your photos, consider holding the phone horizontally as opposed to vertically. You might also stray away from using the square option. You’ll have more options for editing if you stick with a horizontal frame.

  1. Hashtag the Right Way and Only When Needed

If you’re hoping for people to see your photos from hashtags, you’ll have to get more creative than the generic, one-word hashtags that millions of people use daily. You might even choose to create your own!

  1. Create a Community

Interact and engage with your followers as well as with people you follow. This is the perfect space to be able to communicate with others who have similar passions to yours. Take advantage of it and have fun! Your Instagram will be spectacular for summer before you know it!


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