After a summer of fun, it’s time to switch gears and get back into a school frame of mind. With the kids heading back to school, comes the return of early morning carpooling, after school activities, and curbing your child’s screen time to something more educational rather than the hours of movies and video games over summer vacation. In short, life gets busy again and there are apps that can help you transition “back to school” a little bit easier:



Being part of a carpool is a easy and convenient way to ensure that your child is getting to and from school safely, however, there are moments (especially when getting back into the swing of things) that the carpooling schedule can seem like a mess. Who’s turn is it to pick up Charlie? Does he have practice after school today or is that tomorrow? You can’t rely on your children to keep track of the carpooling schedule and you’d hate to be the parent that forgets it’s your turn. Consider an app like Carpool-Kids to keep your carpooling schedule clear and question free.


The app allows you to know who is in charge of driving and who is riding on any given day. You can organize carpools with any number of drivers and riders, sync events to your calendar, have instant updates as notification or e-mail, and it works on a number of devices (including non-IOS users).

Keeping Track of Your Kids


Most parents will agree that watching your kids grow up and become more independent is a bittersweet experience. Letting your teen driver get behind the wheel or your ten year old walk to school with his or her friends can free up your schedule quite a bit, but also evoke fear or worry. Thanks to these “tracking” apps, you can monitor your child’s whereabouts without infringing on his or her new found independence.

Homework Tools


These days, most kids are exposed to some amount of screen time every day, whether it’s for recreational or educational experiences. Additionally, many children do their work at school (and at home) on a tablet or laptop. While the mobile option cuts back on a cluttered backpack, there are still education tools that can assist with homework and studying. Whether your child needs to make flashcards for studying or needs to make a bibliography for his or her latest research paper, these helpful homework apps may keep your child on track without too much nagging on your part.

Organizing the Family & Household


Households get incredibly busy when school is back in session and between long work hours and extra curricular activities, it’s often hard to tell who’s coming or going (and who’s gonna take the dog for a walk?). Thankfully, Cozi Family Organizer app can do all the organizing for you and no one is left in the dark about what is scheduled for the weekend or who is in charge of certain chores. The app allows you to share shopping lists, to do lists, calendars, and a family journal with anyone in the family and it can be edited at any time and synced up to all devices.


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