BlogRush Goes Bust

It was an intriguing concept: offer a free widget touted to attract more visitors to your blog. Even better, your headlines would appear on other sites, expanding awareness. But just days after opening, BlogRush founder John Reese is struggling to regain control and undo the label of spammy. “Unfortunately, the bozos have come out of…

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BlogRush: Good or Bad For Bloggers?

Usually, when you read about multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, audiences tend to grab their wallets and run for the nearest exit. However, a startup company is being greeted with open (albeit qualified) arms by bloggers. BlogRush, the recently launched service by online marketing expert John Reese is being touted as a great way for…

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Are Readers More Important Than Visitors?

How many people visit your site? It’s become almost a sign of pro blogging virility to have huge numbers of visitors, or hits. But has that statistic lost its importance? A post by Robert Scobleizer got me thinking. If a new blog catches my eye I instantly subscribe to it and never visit the Web page again….

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