It was an intriguing concept: offer a free widget touted to attract more visitors to your blog. Even better, your headlines would appear on other sites, expanding awareness. But just days after opening, BlogRush founder John Reese is struggling to regain control and undo the label of spammy.

“Unfortunately, the bozos have come out of the woodwork and are trying to cheat the BlogRush system. We have quite a few users that are abusing the system — from running scripts to auto-load the widget, to other fraudulent methods to earn syndication credits for their account that they do not deserve,” Reese wrote at the BlogRush blog.

Reese said he’s taking two major steps to weed out the junk: 1, switching to manual review of new blogs and 2, removing any and all cheaters BlogRush discovers.

But is it too late? At least for a couple high-profile bloggers.

“I’m going to give them a few more days, but I’m not convinced that the service can win the spamming battle. If the number of spammy comments left on our BlogRush posts is anything to go by, this one might soon enter the dead-pool,” Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim said Friday.

“If BlogRush did what it said on the box, it would be wonderful, but it simply fails to live up to its promise,” said Michael Martine.

“I have nothing but respect for John Reese, but I’m sorry — there’s just no reason good enough for me to keep the BlogRush widget on here. ‘It will get better in the future’ is not a good enough reason for me to use it in the present,” said Martine.

Post originally written by Ed Sutherland

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