When you have been arrested for possession of drugs, are being investigated for white collar crimes like embezzlement or received a DUI charge, it is critical that you find the right criminal defense lawyer. You are in a stressful, frightening situation that may affect your future. With these charges, will you face time behind bars? Will you be ordered to serve time on probation? How will these actions affect your work, family, income and reputation?

Remember that in America, it is still true that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that you still have a chance to prove yourself not guilty of the charges. You simply must research the best criminal defense attorney reviews that can help you gain the most positive outcome possible in your case.

How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

The reality of your situation is that many lawyers you call will be looking to work with as many clients as they can. This is how they earn their living. The more clients they have, the more they earn. But with so many clients at once, how can they effectively form your defense and work on your case? Will your outcome really matter to them, or does your prospective attorney simply want to go through the motions?

To find the right criminal defense lawyer who will represent you effectively, thoroughly and aggressively, you need to find one who will also take the time to get to know you and the facts of your case. You want one who will put in the work required through honest time, effort and attention to details that it needs to reach the best possible outcome for your case. After all, this is your freedom, livelihood and reputation on the line.

When searching for a capable law firm in Arizona to defend you against criminal charges, spend some time asking friends, family, work associates or other even lawyers you may know and trust for referrals to the “best criminal defense attorney” they know.

You can also search Google Maps and comb through the results, reviewing websites to see which of the law firms are most fully engaged in reaching out to prospective clients. It is important to find a law firm that goes above and beyond basic requirements of their role, such as in spending time ensuring the public is educated about nuances of the law through effective blog writing and other activities. You can tell if a law firm cares about its clients, the general public and the law, if they spend time and attention working on things that are in the best interest of the public, as much as they invest in gaining new clients.

While looking at a prospective law firm’s website, it is recommended to bring with you a list of questions to ask a lawyer. For example:

  • How many years has the attorney practiced in their field?
  • How long has the lawyer or law firm been in business in Arizona?
  • What fields of law do they practice?
  • By viewing law firm videos and reviewing their materials online, does it appear they truly want to help the public and their clients?
  • Does the attorney focus on using words to express how they will work on your case, such as “aggressively” and “thoroughly,” or do they seem less focused on pushing for all that you deserve in this matter that puts your future on the line?

Calling a Prospective Criminal Defense Lawyer

Next, call one or more of the law firms to see how they treat you. Are they easily accessible by phone? Are the people who answer the phone friendly and eager to help? Do you speak only to an assistant or paralegal, or do you talk to an actual lawyer?

Although during trial it can be difficult to get through to an attorney to talk to him or her directly, you should always receive a timely call back. Some lawyers are just impossible to reach and that is not a good sign for your case. You need an accessible attorney, one who has interest in making sure they work well for you, just as you need to work well with them.

After making some of these phone calls to prospective lawyers, you will better know which attorney you wish to consider and which ones should be left off your list. When you have narrowed the field to just a few attorneys, make an appointment for a free consultation to see how you and the attorney communicate together and whether he or she is truly interested in your case.

During this consultation, does the attorney seem to actually care about your case and personal well-being? Is he or she a good communicator?

What you should not hear during this appointment is a great deal of language about how great the attorney is at what they do. You should not be “sold” on the attorney through any pressure or self-glorification. You are in the meeting to discuss your case and how it should proceed.

When the consultation is over, do you feel you have been heard? Does the relationship between you and the attorney seem approachable, comfortable and trusting?

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Matters

As you will learn through this process of screening potential criminal defense and DUI lawyers, all lawyers are not created equally. But use the above suggestions and you will undoubtedly be able to find the right lawyer and legal team for your case needs.

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