In 2016, many people still stick with their old flip phones, or even landlines. If you are one of these people, or if you have a family member who is one of these people, read on. There are many good reasons to upgrade and get your first smartphone.


There’s nothing particularly wrong about doing using a flip phone. People have no obligation to get with the times. Humanity obviously existed for thousands of years without phones of any kind, and you’ll be able to get through life without one today and still live a complete life. But smartphones are incredibly useful for anyone, and here are some reasons for that.

You’ll Have Internet Access. No Matter Where You Are

The best thing about having a smartphone is that you have the entire internet in your pocket. Stuck in a blizzard and need advice on winter safety? Just check your phone. Fall down in the middle of the night, unsure whether or not you are displaying signs of concussion? Just check your phone. Need to know who starred in Night of the Hunter? Just check your phone.


Smartphones connect you with the world’s knowledge. They’re a miracle of technology and information distribution. You will able to get work emails at any time of day, no matter where you are, enabling you to work from home, or even while on vacation. When you buy a modern phone, you’ll have access to entire worlds with just a few taps of your fingers.

Smartphones are Easy to Use These Days

Gone are the days of difficult computers. Back in the 1980s, when most people had their first experiences with personal computers, the devices were complicated, buggy, and finicky. Many people spent an afternoon with an old IBM PC thirty years and gave up the technology for good after having difficulty.


Computers—and smartphones, specifically—have come a long way since then. Designers work hard to make operations and user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Don’t let phones scare you. All it takes to use a modern phone is few quick clicks.   

Smartphones Have Useful Apps

Smartphones are more than just internet-connected phones. Sure, you can make calls on them, but there are many other useful applications. Modern phones come equipped with apps that will tell you the weather report, help you stay safe in bad conditions, find good maps and directions for any place you want to go, and track your exercise routine. They even have very good cameras, and you don’t need to wait an hour to see what your pictures look like.

Smartphones are More Efficient Than They Used to Be

Early smartphone require daily charges. Not so any more. If you use your phone sparingly, you can go a week without needing to plug it in. And even if you used your phone regularly, it’s easy to find charging stations. Cars, coffee shops, and many other place have convenient spots where you can charge your phone in no time.


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