Is Life as a Blogger a Reality?

In the early 2000’s blogging became the “thing” for making money from home. Let’s be honest, who didn’t think they could be a successful blogger? Pick a topic you enjoy, sit at home, write about it and wait for the money to roll in. In reality, the money doesn’t really roll in and other times…

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Boating Apps For A Weekend On The Water

Summer’s here, and it’s time to hit the water. Blue skies, friends, hot weather, the weekend, etc. It’s time to get out and enjoy your free time. Boating is a top American pastime. From Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and Texas, every region in the United States has a unique boating culture. Pontoons, yachts, canoes,…

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Future of Technology in the Military

The future of technology can and will most likely replace many occupations from manufacturing to medical care.  Members of the military, however, can not and will not be replaced as long as countries remain in conflict and require protection. Military technology must change and be innovated to keep our country safe and a few steps…

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Alternatives to Reddit

Reddit users may be searching for alternatives after the recent controversy that led to the resignation of Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao. Fox News reports that Ms. Pao provoked a user revolt when she fired Victoria Taylor, Reddit Director of Talent and key contact for site moderators who manage nearly 10,000 discussion boards (subreddits). After Victoria…

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Where Will Cell Phone Technology Take Us In Late 2015?

New Developments for Cell Phones Coming Soon We all know how hard it can be to keep up with fast-moving technology; yet, it is technology itself that will help us stay abreast. That being said, here are some of the more notable advances in cell phone technology coming your way in late 2015 that you…

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Migrate from Brick and Mortar to a Virtual Workplace

The work environment is fast undergoing a total turn around. Working from home seemed like an urban myth in which only a few unicorns had the opportunity to break free from the 9 to 5 grind. But as more business ponder employee productivity research, as well as the cropping up of thousands of new startups…

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How Will Technology Impact Aging in the Near Future?

Advances in technology brings new hope for the quality of life for seniors, from the ability to more quickly diagnose and treat various health conditions, to living an independent life for much longer. The natural progression of aging leaves some older persons isolated, no longer able to drive, and facing transportation problems to perform simple…

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