Summer’s here, and it’s time to hit the water. Blue skies, friends, hot weather, the weekend, etc. It’s time to get out and enjoy your free time. Boating is a top American pastime. From Alaska and Hawaii to Florida and Texas, every region in the United States has a unique boating culture. Pontoons, yachts, canoes, and speedboats are just few of the different kinds of watercraft you’ll find when you get out there.

You can add value to your experience by using your phone. iPhone and Android both have apps to enhance your weekend getaway. From fishing to safety to weather and beyond, these apps will help any boater enjoy life and stay safe on the water.

Fishing Mobile

What boater doesn’t love fishing? The folks at Fishing Mobile have developed a highly-rated app to ensure your angling adventure is successful. It includes features like mapping, a flashlight, morse code, etc. You can also log your catches and connect with fishing friends. These functionalities can create social connections, keep you safe, and make sure your boating weekends are safe and enjoyable.


Another fishing app. This one compiles user-generated data about which fish are biting and where. It creates a forecast to help your plan your expedition and make sure your supper doesn’t swim away. Add your own catches to help out the local fishing community. Get hooked!

Safety Gear

This one keeps it simple. Developed by the US coast guard, it makes a checklist of boat safety items you’ll need to keep your group above water. Recent work has demonstrated a surprisingly deep value to checklist. When you’re hitting the sea, it’s easy to forget a few basic things in all the preparatory chaos. A checklist like the ones this app generates will do the mental work for you. All you’ll need to do is follow the directions.


This isn’t an app specifically made for boaters, but it does play an important role. Simply put, it’s one of the best weather apps around. The meteorology nerds a Weather Underground have been crafting top-notch weather reports and accessible, serious data for years now. The app goes ways beyond the basic “40% chance of precipitation” info you’ll get on most apps. Infographics, animated air pressure maps, and scientific explanations of the forecasts will keep you informed, entertained, and safe this summer.


This free app connects you with “the nation’s largest network of on-water towers with over 300 ports nationwide”. Get accurate local weather updates, call for a tow in case of emergency, get latitude and longitude, find service stations to get your boat fixed. Find tidal information to keep on top of the sea beneath. It has a GPS feature which works even if you’re out of your cell phone range.

US Coast Guard Mobile

This no-nonsense program gives you access to expert oceanographic data, easy ways to report suspicious activity, and access to current regulations and safety guides. This will keep you informed and safe. Remember, in 2013 boating accidents created “an estimated $39 million in property damage.” So make sure you’re updated on Chicago boating laws and keep your dollars in your bank account, where they belong.

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