Every job has its struggles, but very few jobs have an immediate effect on the health and liveliness of people around them. Truck drivers face the daily struggle of balancing work demands while demonstrating exemplary driving habits.

Here are the three traits of perfectionist drivers who excel at this demanding feat.

Fight Fatigue

Take care of yourself, period. Get adequate rest, exercise when you can and eat nutritious meals that promote healthy body function. According to an infographic provided by expert truck accident lawyers, the top cause of truck crashes is driver fatigue.

Most highway-side dining options are packed with bad fats and processed carbohydrates that actually make us more tired. Pack healthy meals that include energy boosters like organic eggs, quinoa, whole grain cereals, nuts, seeds and berries and LOTS of water. When you’re feeling tired, pull over.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

All drivers get too comfortable at some point, and unfortunately the consequence is often a wake up call in the form of another vehicle crashing into theirs. Rather you’ve been driving for one or 10 years, you’re never too good to practice caution and follow the laws. According to DMV.org, some safety tips include:

  • Do not tailgate. Be patient. Maintain proper space with the vehicle in front of you. According to studies, the most common vehicle trucks hit is the one in front of them, due to tailgating. The bigger the rig the longer it takes to brake and stop.

  • Signal early when approaching an intersection, giving other motorists ample warning of your intended direction.

  • With so many blind spots on a truck, minimize lane changing. Check your side mirrors at least once every 10 seconds.

  • Use the truck’s flashers when driving below the posted speed limit for an extended period of time.

  • Give your truck ample time and space when slowing down for a complete stop. Use brake lights early. Most motorists don’t realize how long it takes for a rig to stop.

Get Focused

We’ve all seen the giant billboards along the freeways threatening that our texts and calls won’t be as important when we’re dead — but it isn’t that simple. Music players, maps and other media used when driving is everyone’s go-to excuse for distracted driving. Distracted drivers of normal vehicles can cause severe accidents and deaths, and distracted truckers can cause catastrophic ones. Opt to hand free devices or punching in your route and creating a playlist before you get behind the wheel, and keeping your phone out of reach.

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