Everyone is catching on to the trend of blogging. It’s one of the most popular forms of social media around. It’s engaging, it can present you as an authority in your field, and, if done right, it can attract clients, customers and a bigger audience. There’s just one problem: the competition is starting to heat up.

There are millions of blogs online, which creates a lot of competition in the field. So if your blog doesn’t stand out, it’ll get lost in the sea of the rest of unremarkable fish.

Content Has Been Dethroned  

Basic content used to be good enough. You’ve heard the expression “Content is king.” Well plain content just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thanks to Penguin, Panda and all the other algorithm updates Google has and will continue to put into effect, bad content gets penalized.

You could possibly switch your attention to other search engines, like Yahoo or Bing, but really, you’re just running away from the problem. If your content is bad you won’t rank anywhere. Blog content has to be three things to get you to stand out: informative, problem-solving, and unique. You’re not going to establish anything with dry, basic content – except that you know how to write dry, basic content.

Good Content is Too Common

Having a good blog post is like having a good product. To a consumer, “good” means it’s sufficient, and it serves its purpose. However, if they find a better product they won’t hesitate to upgrade.

How many times have you grabbed something off the shelf of a store, looked at it, looked at the price and said, “This is good enough”? Do you really want to be that kind of blog owner?

Of course not.

No one wants to be “just good enough” to make it. No one wants to settle for anything. By providing “good content” you’re making your audience settle. You want to be the very best; or, at the very least, one of the best. That’s why you need great content.

The Formula for Great Content

All of the best blogs have one thing in common: every blog entry is packed with great information. Look at the most popular blogs in any niche and you’ll find that they rose to the top by providing content two steps above the rest of their competition. You can do it too. There’s really no secret to it. Just follow this basic formula to craft great content:

Problem + solution + personal twist = great content

You’ve got to put your own personal experience into your entry. No one wants to hear information that’s been rehashed numerous times. It’s your blog. Tell your audience what worked for you or someone you know and why.

Get personal with them. Craft your blog entries as if you’re talking to a friend. Putting a personal spin on your entries helps your audience get invested, and makes your blog stand out. If you own a business blog this formula can be a little bit harder to put into practice, but it’s still possible.

Putting your own personal spin on your entries keeps your content completely unique. That’s something that search engines will never punish you for.

Jacob Masters (93 Posts)

Jacob Masters is the editor of Pro Blogging News. He has worked in the tech and legal industry for over a decade. His goal in life is to increase the internet knowledge base one article at a time. He also likes to push the boundaries through his city wide evening excursions as a guerrilla gardener.

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