WordPress announced version 3.5 Beta 1 of their content management platform yesterday, September 28, 2012.

The official version is scheduled to be released on December 5, 2012. The beta version that is being released right now to the public is not for use on current WordPress blogs. They’re giving away a current version of the system for developers and users to download and play with. Again, this version should not be uploaded to your current website, as it is incomplete. However, they do recommend that you set up a test site so that you can play with the new version.

The official blog entry for the release says that in three months there has already been a few hundred changes made to WordPress. One of their biggest focuses is on media: they want to make the process of uploading, storing, labeling and posting media much easier for their users. They’re also focusing on appearance, accessibility, plugins and links.

One thing that will really make WordPress fans happy is the changes to the mobile version of the system. WordPress has mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 phones, Nokia and WebOS. That’s pretty versatile for a blogging application. According to the announcement, it will now be easier for you to link up with your installed version of WordPress using their mobile apps.

There’s a call for all developers and techies who work with WordPress to test their plugins and themes with version 3.5. This will help the WordPress team iron out any glitches in the system before the official release.

Even with all the changes, WordPress is still striving to be backwards compatible with their current list of media library and plugins. This means that finding and fixing all the current bugs is a huge task. To date, they have over 200 developers contributing to the success of version 3.5. But they need more. You know the saying: many hands make light work.

So if you’re a user or a developer, hop on over to the WordPress blog and take a gander at the new announcements. They’ll give you all of the details that you need. Although the call is for developers, users are appreciated as well. Someone needs to repeatedly test (or “break” as the WordPress team puts it) the beta version. Sometimes users can catch things developers don’t, and vice versa.

There is a section of the forum dedicated to this project called Alpha/Beta. You can also use WordPress Trac. The WordPress Trac page also gives you several other options for contributing to the project. There is a list of bugs that they are currently working on; people are encouraged to attempt to reproduce the problems described. You can also submit patches, report security problems, and receive news on how the project is going. If you’re not a developer or coder but you have an idea for WordPress that would make it better, you can submit it to WordPress Ideas.

To read the complete release article and download the beta version of WordPress 3.5, click here.

To visit the Alpha/Beta forums, click here.

To visit the WordPress Trac webpage, click here.

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