Once you have a blog, it’s easy to get too busy for it. A blog can be like a puppy which at first we lavish with attention. With time, we leave it for longer and longer periods. Before we know it, that dog is desperate for just a walk around the block.


If you are too busy to blog, a little ingenuity can help you uncover blogging time in your hectic schedule. Here are six ways to start posting more frequently.

  1. Blog while you exercise. Implausible? Not at all. Using a voice recorder, you can hit a trail or treadmill while you rattle off your latest idea. Even if the work is not yet clear to you, the process of speaking aloud can help you solidify what you want to say. With so many great choices for voice recognition software, you don’t even have to take the extra steps of transcribing your files. If you do choose to type them out, however, this becomes a great opportunity to edit and refine. If you already have an exercise schedule, then bravo—you now have a blogging schedule, too.
  2. Blog while you sleep. Crazy? Not entirely. Many years ago, the book Grow Rich While You Sleep, by Ben Sweetland (Prentice Hall, 1962), taught that a writer should visualize everything she needs to say before going to sleep the night before. Theoretically, spending several minutes in this kind of meditation will result in a highly productive morning of writing. A writer may type whole pages that don’t even require editing. It sounds a bit hokey, or like the promise of magic, but if the technique saves you even half an hour, isn’t it worth a try?
  3. Recyle old posts. If you have been blogging for a few years, and feel it’s cheating to reuse what you’ve already written, think again. Often, if you revisit your archived material, you will find that you have learned something new about this topic or can approach it from a fresh angle. Since you already have your earlier version to work from, infusing new life into the post will be a cinch.
  4. Solve a business problem and create a post at the same time. How is this possible? For business owners especially, it’s a sure thing that clients, customers and employees come to you with the same questions, over and over. Instead of answering them one at a time, create a blog post for each issue and direct your audience to the blog.
  5. Capitalize on peak energy. If you have a sudden burst of writerly energy, finding yourself with several ideas at once, go ahead and flesh out all your post ideas. Schedule them to be published at intervals. When the ideas are coming rapid-fire, getting the work done is that much easier.
  6. Use work interruptions. Perhaps you are snowed in at home, or have an appointment that gets cancelled, or find yourself doing sick kid duty. Let this be the time you catch up  on posting. Or sketch out a few ideas to give you a head start next time. Getting started is half the battle, and when your fast pace of life has resumed, you will appreciate your own cleverness in planning ahead.
Jacob Masters (93 Posts)

Jacob Masters is the editor of Pro Blogging News. He has worked in the tech and legal industry for over a decade. His goal in life is to increase the internet knowledge base one article at a time. He also likes to push the boundaries through his city wide evening excursions as a guerrilla gardener.

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One thought on “No Time to Blog? Six Ways to Post More Often

  1. I definitely have seen a lot of success using #3. What I typically look at is the blog posts that have performed the best 6-12 months ago. Then make a part 2 or revision to that post. I think it’s always good to capitalize on what’s already working well for you.

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