Hello bloggers! Today I want to talk a little bit about a quick SEO win you can get for your website or blog just by having a blog: blog directories. Like any other directory on the web these vary in value, difficulty in being accepted, time it takes for your blog to be entered in the directory, and the quality of the directory.

With this in mind, it is important to determine which of these directories are worth spending time submitting to and which are just part of the fallout of de-inexed, spammy directories, so prevalent in the post-penguin blogosphere. There are of course many ways to determine various metrics and data of blog directories and tools that can help us do so such as SEMrush.com to determine if the site gets any traffic or ranks for any valuable keywords, AHrefs.com to look at the directories back links and anchor text to determine if they have engaged in too many methods that go against Google’s Terms of Service, Page Rank Checkers, and on, and on, and on.

Do I Need Expensive SEO Tools to Determine the Quality of a Site?

These tools are great and can be really helpful but they are also expensive. In addition to cost, many of these tools provide us with so much information that they can do more to hinder our decisions than they can to help. Often times most of these tools have a free trial that you can use to demo the tool and see if you like it, but an even easier way to determine the quality of a blog directory, or any directory for that matter, is just by visiting the site and looking around to determine its quality. Google’s basic premise behind its quality ranking system has always been on user experience and this continues to get more sophisticated with each passing day. Because of this we can get a great idea of the quality of the site simply by using it and reflecting on the following questions:

1. Does this directory appear to serve a purpose? If I needed to find the information listed in this directory, would I feel as if my needs will be met by this directory?
2. Does this website seem to be updated on a regular basis or is the information out of date?
3. Does the website have an overly generic design or consist of very thin content?
4. Does the directory have human editors who determine what is placed and what is not or is it open to immediate posting?
5. Does the directory include links to blogs from gambling, adult, or pharmaceutical websites or other sites generally considered to be in “bad neighborhoods”?
6. Does the site have more advertisements than content?

There are more but this should get you started. It is important to keep in mind that some sites may have one or two of the above, but may also look very good in other areas or vice versa. With this in mind don’t be afraid to go with your gut, if you think it is a good site that you would use it probably is worth submitting to. Also, dont forget that relevance is key. If you have an education or tutoring blog, make sure you are only looking for directories that focus on the education niche. If you run a health blog, look for directories that include relevant blogs related to health.

Quick Win: Technorati.com’s Blog Directory

If you read this far, thank you! Many of you have likely heard of Technorati.com, but some of you may have not. Technorati.com receives over 300,000 visitors per month, and for you SEO savvy folks it has a DA of 100 and a PR of 8- not too shabby. Most importantly to us, perhaps, is that they also have one of the largest and most used blog directories on the internet and you can submit your site to it for consideration here for free: You will have to place a small code on your blog post like the one at the end of this post, but in my opinion it is worth it. I am not sure how long this will take, so in the next post I will update you all and I will include a few more blog directories that are worth looking into as well.

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