Over the last several years, the social media industry has grown by leaps and bounds. More people than ever have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, and are using them to connect with followers on a daily basis. While these media platforms are some of the most common for individuals who wish to make their presence known in cyberspace, personal websites are also increasing in popularity. In many cases, these websites are used to sell products, ideas, or services, and can serve as supplementary sources of income.

While there are a number of ways in which personal website owners may be able to increase traffic to their sites, the use of blogs has been found to be especially effective. Blogs not only make a website more personable, but also can provide an explanation of certain listed products and may attract attention from unsuspecting sources.

There is literally an audience for a blog in every niche. While some blogs may not get millions of readers and other blogs may be much less glamorous and even straight up disgusting, there is a time and place for any well written material. One recent example we came across that falls into the, shall we say, “not so glamorous” category would be the Toe Nail fungus niche. We recently chatted with Kristie Collins, a full-time freelance writer who blogs for ToeNailFungusReviews.org, a site dedicated to the reviewing of toenail fungus creams and other nail fungus treatments. We asked her how she ended up writing about toenail fungus for a living  and she said: ” While you may not have a blog about about toenail fungus treatments in your daily blog reader, you will be damn happy there is one out there when you need it.”

Well put, Kristie 🙂

Until then, here are some reasons that any business can benefit from a having a blog on their website:

#1 To Spice Up Your Site

Designing a personal website can be a difficult process—especially for people who have not done so in the past. In most cases, website
owners attempt to maintain an image of professionalism on their pages, which can sometimes make the site seem dull or plain. Those who want to “spice up” their page and provide a human connection should seriously think about including a blog.

#2 Blogs = Personality

Website owners can blog about a variety of subjects, including the products or services offered, new ideas on the horizon, or simply daily routines. Through blogging, website administrators provide a sense of personality to a website, which may increase traffic and create daily followers.

#3 Gives users a sense of Comfort

While shopping online has become more and more popular over the last several years, some individuals continue to avoid the activity out of fear of the unknown—they simply are unsure of what they are buying, as they cannot touch, see, and examine the product in detail. For these folks, a blog may be “just what the doctor ordered” to ease the pain and worry out of online shopping. Consider using a blog on your personal website to explain the uses, applications, and design of an unusual product, service, or idea. In this way, blogs can serve as a virtual salesperson, and can increase the likelihood that an online shopper will purchase a specific product.

#4 To Keep Your Site Content Updated

Consider writing about a new item each day to maintain interest in the site, and keep previous shoppers coming back for more.

#5 Your Blog will Drive Traffic to Your Site

Finally, blogs are seen by many people as an excellent way to draw unsuspecting Internet visitors to a specific website. As with all businesses, online retailers are only effective if they can attract attention on a regular basis—and thus, obtaining this traffic through any means necessary is often considered to be essential. Individuals who already have a solid following on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest may want to consider including segments from their blogs on these platforms to peak interest in the subject matter. Bloggers should be sure to include links to the full blogs on their websites to ensure that interested readers do not struggle to obtain access to the site.


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