Using WordPress to create a Free Website

Whether you are planning on starting your first blog, or you are a seasoned blogger extraordinaire, WordPress presents the best platform for sharing your thoughts or running your business. WordPress has a really easy to navigate platform that will give you a professional look in no time.The Best part about WordPress, besides the awesome themes and layouts, is that you can create your own free website.

What Makes WordPress’s Free Website so Great

Starting a website can be a daunting task, but WordPress makes this process easy for you, while making your site look great. The first thing you have to do is register using your email address or your facebook account, and you will be ready to get started. Assuming you have thought about what is is you are going to be writing about, the application page should be easy. You will enter your name, email etc… and then you will need a name for your blog. If the name you want is taken, WordPress will generate similar options for you to choose from. You want to create a great name for your site, this will be a factor in how much traffic your site gets. Choose something that is relative to your topic, so your site will flow well all the way around.

Once you have registered and chosen a name for your site you will get to pick a theme and customize it for your preferences. You can either choose one of the free themes or purchase one, both are full of high quality graphics and will make your site look like you hired a professional. WordPress will provide you with a dashboard, which is where you will go to add posts, images, change themes and customize your content. You can change out  the images that come standard with these themes with your own own. For instance, if you are creating a WordPress site about sports cars, you can make your background a nice looking car. You can make your free WordPress site about anything that interests you. If you want to create a page for your cat, that’s ok.

If you are wanting to make a blog that will generate revenue for you, you would be better off to upgrade to one of the paid plans offered by WordPress. For a simple blog that will allow you to share our message or knowledge, free WordPress sites are perfect. It is also a great test to see how large you can potentially grow your site, if you get a large amount of traffic and a large fanbase, you can then comfortably spend the money required to upgrade your package. The difference in a totally free WordPress URL and a paid plan URL is that the free version will have your name “”, rather than simply “.com.” It is true that people tend to find your site easier when it is a paid for domain, but wordpress has services that will  promote your site through their forums at You can’t go wrong starting a blogging site with WordPress, and you have everything to gain.


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