The smallest digital devices have traditionally had the most dated-looking fonts, and are often difficult to read. The future of mobile may have just taken a giant step with advances from the 100-year-old font company Monotype, with a new program called “Spark.” The types of fonts used on smaller mobile displays have been very limited in the past, as the font must use the least amount of computing power to get fast loading and best utilize device space.

This new program gives the ability to use more legible and more attractive fonts in smaller digital displays such as watches, allowing for more readable rendered fonts such as Times New Roman to appear on the screen. A low quality screen display can make a valuable product look cheap, and Spark offers an answer for digital product developers that could be a game-changer.

Digital devices such as watches used by medical professionals for alerts and transfer of information could be more common in upcoming years, and readability and clarity are exceptionally important in this environment. Watches that alert surgeons and other medical professional of urgent data could save a life. The least one could hope to get with such an advanced device would be easily readable fonts that reflect the high quality of the device, rather than what was available in the past in these devices.

A smartphone, tablet or other digital device pulls information from various sources, and the outcome can be unpredictable and very low quality in appearance. The flagship product from Monotype brings a solution to this problem. The program makes fonts on small screens look as clear and defined as on an iPhone, desktop or laptop. The fonts displayed now look less dated and jagged in appearance, offering new opportunities for companies who want to deliver a luxury item experience but don’t have the resources in programmers such as big companies like Apple. User interface (UI) designers have a new tool that could level the playing field.

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