Ridesharing has been hailed as the new way to get around, and apps offer simple, easy ways to book rides. There are a number of apps to choose from, and your preference will depend on what you value most in a ride. The following are some popular ride share apps, as described by Verizon:


Lyft drivers are “average Joes” who apply to be listed in the app and must pass screenings and meet certain requirement for driver and passenger safety. You have to be 21 or older with a driver’s license to apply. Drivers set their own schedules, but their rates are set by the app. Passengers can tip the drivers if they want to.

When you book a ride on Lyft, first you identify your location and destination, and then the app matches you up with a driver. You can view that driver’s photo, profile, and ratings and watch the driver’s progress en route to your location on a map. You don’t have to worry about cash or a credit card to pay the driver. Just pay the app and add a tip if you like.

Fans of this app prefer it to taking a cab. The drivers are friendlier and it is easier to get through, particularly during peak hours. Some people like this app because they enjoy meeting new and interesting people.


Professional private drivers work for Uber. Anyone who has credit card can book a ride with this app. You open the app, choose the car you want to ride in, and tell it where to pick you up. Various ride options are available, depending on your budget and preferences – taxi, ordinary car, high-end black sedan, black SUV, or a luxury car. Get an estimated price for your ride by watching the car on a map. You pay through the app, and it allows you to split the fare with friends.

Uber is a good way to get around the city at night. Some fans of this app like the experience of arriving at their destination in the upscale ride of their choice and having the driver open the door for them.


Bandwagon drivers are professional taxi cab or fleet car drivers. This is the eco-conscious ride share. Bandwagon pairs up riders who are headed in the same direction to avoid wasting space and fuel. To book a ride, enter where you need to go and when, then browse available seats and book your ride. The app will give you the price and the pickup time before you book the ride. You can schedule rides ahead of time, which will often get you a cheaper price. According to Verizon, Bandwagon saves the passenger up to a third of the price of a traditional taxi or car service.

While ride prices increase with demand with other apps, they actually go down with Bandwagon. This type of ride sharing is also friendlier to the environment.

Although ride sharing is great way to get around the city for many people, passengers who use these apps are still at risk of being involved in a traffic crash. If you have been hurt in a ride share accident, call Goodman Acker car accident lawyers.

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