Blogging is everywhere. What was once a pastime of writers looking to document and publish their experiences, without resorting to pen and paper, is now an integral part of many personal and business websites. No matter how obscure the topic or how unknown the industry, you can likely find a blog or two—or 200—discussing it in detail.

Many industries take their blogging very seriously and invest huge amounts of brain power into crafting them into resources that are

useful and informative. These industry and niche blogs may get limited attention from readers who pass over them for more general news blogs that cover many topics. For those readers who take the time to seek out high quality industry and niche blogs, written by experts in their field, the payoff can be well worth it.

Legal or law blogs, for example, are very helpful for those looking for legal advice or for the services of a law firm, but they are also quite useful for the casual reader who is looking for helpful information on everyday issues. Below are six helpful legal blogs we found that are useful for people who want to read articles written from a professional, legal perspective. These blogs cover everything including the obvious legal topics, but also explore topics such technology, nursing home and senior issues, DUIs/DWIs, and workplace safety issues.

1. is a great blog that is uniquely written for lawyers who take advantage of the technology that iPhones and iPads have to offer their practice. Written from the perspective of a Louisiana lawyer, this site has vast information on how a law practice can implement the use of these products to help run their business more smoothly and efficiently. Content focuses on how these devices are being used in conjunction with law firms and feature stories about actual law firms, like The Cagle Law Firm, that take full advantage of the use of iPads in the office. This concept is not just limited strictly to law firms however; site visitors will discover ways to implement these devices in all industries and personal activities. The site stays pretty current on new and relevant iPhone and iPad products and apps and offers ways to use these that are applicable to any industry.

Where to start: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

This post chronicles how using technologically advanced devices can bring a family closer together. The writer points out how various Apple devices and the use of FaceTime have brought his family together when they were thousands of miles apart.

2. concentrates on legal and general issues which impact nursing home residents. Posts are written from the expert perspective of Hughes & Coleman of Louisville, Kentucky—a law firm which was established in 1985—this firm is made up of injury lawyers who specialize in nursing home neglect. Visitors to this blog will discover valuable information about specific situations plaguing residents of nursing homes and what rights a person has in these circumstances. This blog contains highly valuable information for those looking to place a loved one in a nursing home, or for a reader entering a nursing home community themselves.

Where to start: Most Nursing Homes Were Prepared for Sandy

Articles such as this one teach readers about how nursing homes responded to the threat of Hurricane Sandy and how most were prepared; this post highlights the safety precautions commonly used to protect residents and how every resident has a right to safety and protection in catastrophes like these.

3. And on the other side of the smart phone debate, The Droid Lawyer is a blog written by an attorney in Oklahoma City named Jeffery Taylor – who specializes in personal injury, small business, and immigration law. Taylor’s insights offered focus on how lawyers can use Android powered devices in their law practice. Any person with an Android powered gadget will discover better ways to use their devices both at work and at home. This site features advice and tips on operating the devices, which Apps are the most useful, and technology news for readers who want to stay in-the-know about their devices.

Where to start: I Got a New Android Device, Now What?

This is a great post-Christmas read for anyone who received an Android device for Christmas, or who recently bought themselves one. The post covers how to set up the device, which Apps are the most useful and popular, and what accessories are vital to get first. This article is for the basic user who may have a little buyer’s remorse about their purchase or for those who feel a little overwhelmed by the technology.

4. is a blog is maintained by a personal injury legal team who serves clients in the Chicago, Illinois region. Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. is a leading accident law firm in the state and has many years of experience and valuable knowledge to share with the readers of this blog. Posts cover news and current events related to accidents and injury as well as safety tips and legal advice on specific scenarios. This blog is particularly useful for people who want to learn how to better protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous situations and what to do in the unfortunate event that they are injured.

Where to start: Winterize Your Car for Cold Weather Safety

Many car accidents happen in the winter time due to poor driving conditions. This post covers the safety steps every motorist should be taking when the weather outside is frightful. Readers can learn valuable tips which could lead to the prevention of dangerous car accidents in the winter.

5. At readers can find helpful advice and information on legal matters surrounding divorce and family issues. The content on this site comes from the office of Raleigh, North Carolina Child Support Attorneys at Charles R. Ullman & Associates. Posts are broken up into categories based on topics which include: Asset Division, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce and Separation, Domestic Violence, Firm News, and Spousal Support. Visiting this site will be beneficial for people in all walks of life – particularly those who are going through a divorce, which are currently divorced, and are loved ones of divorcés.

Where to start: What Are Your Options When Spouses Spy?

Readers who have experienced problems due to a snoopy spouse or ex will find this post intriguing. This articles touches on how to handle it when a troubled marriage leads to a spying spouse and what to do when it becomes a problem.

6. features a blog which includes information and news about legal technology and practice management. Posts on this site are written from the perspective of a litigator who is in the know when it comes to implementing technology in a legal practice – his helpful insight can be applied to virtually any area of business management and personal usage of technology as well. Content covers the latest technology news as well as tips for using internet sites, devices, and software. Site users who thrive on information about the latest technology will find mounds of interesting content on the best uses of modern devices and programs.

Where to start: Review of Apple Wireless Keyboard and CloudOn for Microsoft Word on the iPad Plus Office 365 Overview

This post is a review of the Apple wireless keyboard and CloudOn for Microsoft users. Information in this article covers the ease of use, utility, and value of these products.

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2 thoughts on “Law Blogs Aren’t Just For Lawyers

  1. I’m in the process of researching blogging for my law firm and came across this article. Great information! We’re thinking about blogging about not only criminal defense, which we practice, but also things in the news.

    1. Hi Arvand, thanks for stopping by! Blogging is quickly becoming a must for any type of business and this is especially true for law firms! A few of the contributors to this blog are experienced legal bloggers so feel free to drop us a line if you ever have any questions 🙂

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