Without a doubt, the workplace is an ever-evolving monster. As the world continues to change, so do to types and variety of jobs available to the working people. In the past few years, the blogging industry has become exceedingly popular, especially for
individuals who wish “be their own boss”, make their own hour and maintain a greater deal of control over their own life.

Unfortunately, blogging professionally can be quite difficult, if not all-out impossible—especially when it comes to working in specific industries. As with many current career fields, bloggers who wish to stay relevant and obtain substantial amounts of work in the travel industry should consider developing a niche, being flexible, and work outside of their comfort zone.

Top Secret Tip #1: Developing a Niche

Most professional travel bloggers agree that developing a niche is perhaps one of the most effective ways to ensure a steady stream of income when it comes to working in this competitive industry. Whether it is being an expert in regards to food, religious sites, or another matter altogether, bloggers who specialize will likely find more work than those who try to write about everything. Consider choosing one area of travel that is especially near and dear to the heart, and focus on it when blogging about specific travel destinations. Selecting a very unique topic that has not already been covered by other bloggers—such as the best bakeries or coziest bookstores in the area— may be even more effective to ensure a career as a professional freelance travel blogger.

Top Secret Tip #2: Be Flexible!

Being flexible is also quite important for those who really want to make a name for themselves when it comes to working as a Travel Blogging Tips: Push Your Boundariesprofessional travel blogger. Most bloggers are drawn to the professional out of the freedom that it provides—as mentioned above, freelance bloggers typically work for themselves and can establish their own working hours. However, those who really want to “make it big” must be willing to be flexible to ensure that they are given the quality jobs in the travel blogging industry. Visiting a specific destination or site that may not be ideal, submitting an article at a date earlier than expected, and writing more or less than would be preferred can make the difference between writing on an infrequent basis, and making a career of freelance travel blogging.

Top Secret Tip #3: Push the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone

Finally, as with all professions, being able to work outside of one’s comfort zone can prove to be invaluable when it comes to breaking into the competitive travel industry—especially for struggling freelance bloggers. Bloggers who are able and willing to write about travel destinations, activities, and pastimes that are outside of their expertise can be a valuable resource for editors around the world. Let potential employers know that while you have not been to all parts of the globe, you can still write as if you have! With any luck, you will be chosen as their next go-to writer when the need for a top-notch freelance travel blogger opens up.

Jacob Masters (93 Posts)

Jacob Masters is the editor of Pro Blogging News. He has worked in the tech and legal industry for over a decade. His goal in life is to increase the internet knowledge base one article at a time. He also likes to push the boundaries through his city wide evening excursions as a guerrilla gardener.

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